The Engine of My Life/

El Motor De Mi Vida (2015)

Co-Director/Co-Editor (w/ Milena Velis)

Produced by Media Mobilizing Project

Every day, Celia Mota’s only option is to drive without a license, risking deportation and separation from her family. When Celia’s brother-in-law was wrongfully arrested four years ago, she and her sister Alejandra Mota found hope and faith with New Sanctuary Movement. After winning a multi-year court battle to keep their family together, they decided to fight for other people in their situation. Now they are leading a campaign for driver’s licenses for all Pennsylvanians, regardless of immigration status.

Select screenings: ​

  • Perry World House’s Global Lens Film Series, University of Pennsylvania, 2017

  • PHL Latino Film Festival, 2016

  • Voices and Images of the Affected panel, Taller Puertorriqueño, 2016

  • Screening Scholarship Media Festival, University of Pennsylvania, 2016

  • Univision 65 Philadelphia, 2015