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Let's collaborate!

Since 2010, I have been working with independent artists, grassroots organizations, and educational entities in the Philadelphia region. I've been commissioned to work on teams and projects through focusing on the areas below. Please email me at melibeatrizsn [at] gmail.com if you'd like to talk about collaboration possibilities, and inquire about my rates. 




I offer videography and photography services focused on arts/cultural events, family functions, and social justice focused projects.


I was trained as a macro social worker, where I learned how to fundraise in nonprofit settings. I served as a grant writer for several years, and later used this experience to offer grant writing services through my consulting. 



I have an array of experience in social justice focused communications. This includes writing newsletters, press releases, and annual reports, as well as developing multimedia communications strategies.


I have extensive experience conducting research within the following topics: social justice, racial/ethnic identity, representation, art and social work, social policy, cultural organizing, immigrant rights. Much of the research I've conducted has been in the documentary film and higher education realms.