Baobab Flowers (2019)

Dir. Gabriela Watson-Burkett

Creative Producer

Baobab Flowers is a personal documentary that blends poetic and observational footage following the journey of two high school teachers: Storm Foreman (Nyanza Bandele), in Philadelphia, United States, and Priscila Dias, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The Director, Gabriela Watson Aurazo, immerses herself in a journey to make the connections between communities of the African Diaspora. Through a female perspective, the documentary intends to address the similarities of black women, the impact of low quality education in the black community and the struggle to achieve equality in education.


The team is currently in distribution, and looking for opportunities to screen the documentary at film festivals, schools, and grassroots organizations. Let me know if you're interested in setting up a screening!

Select screenings:

  • African Diaspora International Film Festival, 2019
  • West Chester University Latino Community Conference, 2019
  • Encontro de cinema negro, Brasil, África e Caribe (Brazil, Africa and the Caribean International Film Festival), 2019
  • Black Femme Supremacy Film festival, 2019
  • Scribe Video Center, 2017 (Rough cut screening)
  • BlackStar Film Festival, 2017 (Rough cut screening, Best Documentary Short award)
  • Reconstruction, Inc., 2016 (Rough cut screening)